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Imagine you are up at three o'clock in the morning with a sick child. Wouldn't it be nice to have expert advice readily at hand to help get you through the night? Encyclopedic in scope, The Portable Pediatrician features timely and practical information on every childhood illness and emergency, including when to call the doctor, what reassuring signs can help you know your child is okay, how to treat your child at home, and much more -- all in a convenient A-to-Z format.

Among the scores of topics covered: teething; sprains and broken bones; nosebleeds; measles; ear infections; choking; rashes; colic; headaches; eating disorders; fever; hip pain; warts; allergies; obesity; seizures; Asperger's Syndrome; bronchitis; masturbation; sunburns; pneumonia; speech delay; lice; vomiting; asthma; heart defects; blisters; sleep problems; and more.

The Searses' guide parents and caregivers from a child's infancy through the teen years, teaching them what to expect at regular checkups as well as how to boost a child's well-being, devise a family health plan, work effectively with their pediatrician, and more. Distinguished by the Searses' trademark comprehensiveness, reliability, and accessible, comforting one, this book is a must-have for all families who want to keep their children healthy and happy.

Look for The Portable Pediatrician app! Available for download from iTunes, it offers a complete browsable A-Z list of pediatric concerns, illnesses, and emergencies; a searchable database, growth charts; a portable medicine cabinet; helpful advice about pediatric checkups; and more.

February 23
Little, Brown and Company
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Jenni0820 ,

Love Dr. Sears'

I love all the Dr. Sears books. Attachment Parenting is the best; totally saved my sanity during those early months. This book is great also. The Sears family has a philosophy that I appreciate; lots of baby snuggling, use herbs when you can, consult your doctor when you can't. The medical advice in this book is far better than any advice you will ever get from your child's doctor in a 10 minute appointment. I just ordered all the recommended medicines and herbs off the recommendation list. P.s. Also order the baby sling they recommend on their website; you'll love it! It's true. Any woman that can raise and BREASTFEED 8 kids is a fan of mine!

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