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“A relentlessly intelligent book.” —Joseph Joffe, New York Times Book Review

“This is not a book about the decline of America, but rather about the rise of everyone else.” So begins Fareed Zakaria’s blockbuster on the United States in the twenty-first century, and the trends he identifies have proceeded faster than anyone anticipated. How might the nation continue to thrive in a truly global era? In this fully updated 2.0 edition, Zakaria answers these questions with his customary lucidity, insight, and imagination.

Politics & Current Events
May 31
W. W. Norton & Company
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Customer Reviews

S1vannah ,

Oh Brave New World Explained

This is a must read for anyone planning on "dwelling" in the 21st century as it will lay an intellectual foundation in helping you better understand future world events, happenings, and trends as they continue to unfold and deploy in what is becoming a "Gordian Knot of Globalization." What is refreshing here is unlike so many works today that are written in a spirit of fear and reader anxiety(mostly to leverage the author's buck making) this work is grounded in true optimism. It makes sense of our dynamic world and will underwrite success for all having to navigate the structural changes underway of the Age we live in both now and for the next 25 years. Can't recommend enough. Cheers.

The unlikely architect ,

An illuminating study in current world affairs

Far from being a pesiimistic view of the United States, it takes the time to explain the current financial and socio-political standings abroad, and Americas ever increaing role as a guiding force.

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