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From International Bestseller, Healer, and Wellness Expert Ava Miles, author of the much-anticipated Reclaim Your Superpowers, comes a groundbreaking book for our challenging times.


* * * Medically vetted and reviewed. * * *

With Introductions by a practicing Internist, Psychiatrist, and Kung Fu Master.


As we begin to venture out into this new post-Covid world—a world where we move from lockdown to opening up again in a time defined by grave uncertainty, coronavirus flare-ups, and economic insecurity—we face unchartered challenges.


Situations that used to be simple are now layered with anxiety-inducing complexity. We all want to keep our families safe and healthy and return to some degree of normality, but how? And how are we to remain productive at a time when we’re collectively more anxious than ever?


Twenty years ago, Ava nearly died from a mysterious virus she contracted overseas and its ensuing complications. Recovering against all odds, she faced re-entering the world with a weakened immune system, a host of new anxieties, and the challenge of returning to peak performance in her life and career. Ava worked with top professionals and trained herself to address those challenges and rebuild her life.


In The Post-Covid Wellness Playbook, Ava shares a practical step-by-step guide informed by her experience and expertise, both from her work in wellness and her former career of rebuilding warzones. Brimming with warmth and wisdom, the playbook offers a targeted, medically reviewed approach that will help you and your family navigate this new normal.


This multi-pronged playbook will show you:

·      Proven tools and practices for boosting immunity, reducing anxiety, and harnessing mental focus

·      Specialized nutritional plans to encourage health and wellness

·      Proven sleep techniques to ensure rest during a time of stress

·      Targeted plans to address special challenges facing our children, the elderly, and men’s health


Empower yourself with tools that will help you and your family be healthier, calmer, and more focused.

With Introductions by:

Dr. Caroline Miles has been a practicing internist in both clinic and hospital settings for over fifteen years. Her passion for understanding the mysteries of the human body and for helping her patients has led her to explore other facets of health, including immune fortification and nutrition. Also, while it would be wonderful, she is not related to Ava.


A board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Richa Thapa has been practicing for several years with the goal of empowering people to live more fulfilled lives, especially people with anxiety and PTSD. Her passion for wellness and mental health translates into a high success rate with her patients, and she’s served as a psychological expert for a book about PTSD. 


Writing as Kate Perry, Master Kathia Zolfaghari, of Kung Fu San Soo, has over thirty bestselling books and has been translated into several languages. Kathia has spoken at conferences and retreats for the tech, banking, and publishing industries on success and peak performance. 

Additional Medical Review by:

Dr. Tabitha King has been a Board Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist for the past nine years and specializes in Telehealth, specifically in ambulatory care/primary care. She has spent many years as a PGY2 Ambulatory Care Residency Program Director and has trained many Pharmacy students and residents over her career.


“I have read and studied much in this area. Instead of finding the same old ideas and suggestions reframed with ‘covid’ in the title, I was impressed by the quality and depth of the information and ideas. This book is truly a ‘playbook’ that provides medically sound information and practical guidance…” —Dr. Patty Gibson, Chief Medical Officer, Alleviant Health Centers

"This book was incredibly uplifting. Reading Ava's tips after a long day's work eased my stress and helped me realize there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we can all get through these hard times." —Dr. Priyenka Thapa, Infectious Disease fellow

“Ava’s book was by far one of the most inspiring books I  have read. We need this as we embark in the Post-COVID era. It has many helpful tips on how to stay healthy and happy during this time.” —Dr. Shelly Gibbs

“Very applicable and gives a good perspective…particularly the section on focus.” —Dan Baumstark, Physical Therapist  

“A great compilation of different avenues of healing…” —Dr. Sushma Thapa

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June 15
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Ava Miles Inc.

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