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God's Grace is a free gift to all Born Again Christians and accepting it and understanding it will make a huge difference in their lives. For Born Again Christian's it means a lot to them during their daily lives. Everything they do during their daily lives is being watched by God's Holy Spirit whilst guiding them throughout their lives. Their thoughts, words and actions mean a lot to God as it should to them. Every part of God's Grace is precious because it is a free gift and Born Again Christians treat it with great importance. God's Grace can provide the best a Born Again Christian can receive in their life because God promised everyone a perfect body and a perfect life. Born Again Christians will receive a new body and a new life when they enter Heaven and this is all because of their Saviour Jesus Christ who sacrificed his life on the cross because of their sins. For people who are not Born Again Christians, and not likely to be, God's Grace will mean nothing to them and even though they may think they understand and accept parts of it, Satan (The Devil) will be working on them to prevent them from receiving God's Grace. He will be creating as much bad and evil in their lives as possible and making their lives as hard as can be. That will include bad thoughts, words and deeds which most won't repent from. The author has a very strong faith and understands and accepts God's Grace all the time. The author knows he has sinned during his life and asks for forgiveness plus repents from his sins every day and wants God's Grace to be with him, through the guidance of God's Holy Spirit, for the rest of his earthly life. The author's friendship with God is very strong and will hopefully be a big help to others. God's Grace is not only a free gift but it does include a wide range of things that only Born Again Christians will know and be thinking of and feeling due to the fact they know God is with them all the time and is involved in their life continuously. God's Grace certainly does work.

Religion & Spirituality
October 23
Miracle Press And Media
Ingram DV LLC

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