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We have entered a time in which the you-can-do-everything mentality has become the new normal- enter "The Power Of And." This overused catchphrase introduced into organizational jargon in the early 2000s. It created a belief that everything can be done, done well, and all at once. The danger is that The Power Of And can lose its effectiveness when you are no longer capable of doing everything at once. Enter "The Power Of Or." The Power Of Or is about the delicate balance of having a clarity of purpose on what is important, what is not important, the ability to distinguish between the two, and then taking the appropriate action on those priorities to achieve the desired results — Choosing And Doing What Matters Most. In The Power Of Or, Joe Robert Thornton questions whether we can do it all. More importantly, he questions should we do it all, and if we choose to, can we really do it all well. In our daily lives, we do not always, and usually, not often, have the option of doing everything at once. We are constantly making tradeoffs. There will be times in your personal and professional life where "And" doesn't work- you must choose "Or." You must make choices to say yes to some things and learn to say no to other things. In this book, rather than bog you down with a lot of processes to implement, Joe Robert Thornton instead will focus on the practical aspect of choices, decision-making, and prioritization. Why? Because he believes in the principle of leadership having two components- art and science. The art of leadership is the subjective, expressive aspect that inspires people and drives culture. Without the art of leadership, you may get compliance from your teams but likely not commitment. The best-in-class leaders, as it relates to the art of leadership, also understand the value of storytelling and using it to create a purpose for people doing the work they are being asked to do. The science of leadership includes the objective, systematic, process-oriented aspects necessary to provide sound judgment for procedural continuity, formal training and development, and ultimately driving for results. Without the science of leadership, you may have great relationships, but you may also have a breakdown in consistency. You may never realize your full profit potential because of a lack of focus on financial stewardship and accountability. In The Power Of Or, Joe Robert Thornton will explore: The need for simplification before prioritization, The importance of discipline and self-discipline, The difference between ability and capability, The benefits of saying No, The case for eliminating multitasking, The impact of decision fatigue, How to break through indecision. If you are looking for a breakthrough in how you are living and leading, this book is for you.

Business & Personal Finance
March 5
Outskirts Press
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