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God believes in you, values you and esteems you so highly that He created you just a little lower than Himself, then decked your world with every conceivable treasure and beauty for your health, happiness, success and fulfillment. This book is written to motivate you to reject mediocrity and to experience excellence. Join me on the journey of discovery of your own self-wealth. The result of that spiritual self-wealth in you is as certain to produce physical and material wealth in and around you, as wheat, planted in good soil, is certain to produce wheat. From the moment that you read this book, you will never again think of yourself as ordinary. God has placed everything in you to build your empire of desire. The desires that God has placed in you are vibrant proof that He destines your life for joy and great purpose. Believe it!

God has gifted each person with a divine power that is unique in creation, the power of desire. This providential, energizing force—when understood — unleashes humanity’s potential for good, and allows the supernatural purposes of God to be expressed in ways that bring healing and hope to a hurting world. The purpose of this book is to activate the positive desire that is within you so that you can experience a greater sense of your connection with God and an increased awareness of your own potential for good towards others. This book will lift your spirit to a new level of awareness of God, in your THINKING, your BELIEVING and in your LIVING. You will discover the untapped reservoir of your own divine potential… your Power of Positive Desire.

The Power of Positive Desire is a powerful force inside you. Your creative energy will be freed, and God will be released in you to materialize his abundant goodness in your life.

Religion & Spirituality
May 15
Harrison House Publishers
Destiny Image Publishers

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