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Go, go, go! It's a motto that many of us follow every day. This hectic pace can drain our supply of life force energy, or prana, leaving us tired and worn out.

To help us optimize our energetic health, Master Stephen Co shares The Power of Prana. This one-of-a-kind book teaches us a potent series of practices known as the Nine Energizing Breaths. These simple exercises—which can be completed in just ten minutes a day—combine breath retention, muscle tension, and basic postures to clear out energetic blockages and enhance the flow of prana throughout the body. 

"Although prana is always all around us," explains Master Co, "stress, strong emotions, and various other factors keep us operating at a 'subsistence level' of pranic intake." The Nine Energizing Breaths help shift us to a level of abundance by stimulating our nervous system in ways that maximize our absorption rate of this vital force."

Drawing on his vast knowledge of energy medicine, yoga, and martial arts––as well as his experience as an engineer, healer, and parent––Master Co shares expert guidance on other key topics. Join him to explore:

-The key role of your 11 chakras in maintaining your health and longevity

-Simple diet and lifestyle tips for keeping your energy pure

-Advanced practices and meditations that infuse the highest quality of prana deep into your body, and more

"Thousands of my students who use these practices not only report increased stamina, but also greater emotional balance, mental clarity, and youthfulness," teaches Master Co. With practical wisdom and straight-forward advice, The Power of Prana will help you breathe your way to health and vitality–and ensure that you have energy for all your life's activities.

Whether you're looking for a way to instantly recharge yourself during the day or enjoy more long-term health benefits, The Power of Prana offers a complete guide to help you thrive and live a more vigorous, energetic life.

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July 1
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