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Change your life by changing your beliefs! This user's guide to the mind explains how to control subconscious thoughts with the techniques of autosuggestion and visualization. Its simple, practical mental exercises eliminate subconscious obstacles blocking the achievement of goals and desires. Build self-confidence, attain professional and financial success, and develop other life-enhancing benefits.

Health, Mind & Body
September 12
Dover Publications
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Customer Reviews

Cruzanxl ,

Not to be missed

I have learned so much from just one reading of this wonderful book. I am truly grateful for having the author put this book into the world. Not to be miss read it then read it again I am ready to start all over because it helped change my thinking and my attitude towards life and others. Wonderful a thing of beauty!!

Ariliciousss561 ,


Life changing

Ayee Ess ,

Okay, here's the thing

I'm only about 30 pages in, and I'm already skeptical about this book. It brings up religion, prayer, and laws of attraction. Yeah I get the point (think positively and your life and circumstances will change) but there are too many examples of situations of mere luck that are being attributed to prayer. The lady who met a pharmacist who proposed to her a week later. The miners who were trapped underground but were saved because (you guessed it) prayer and a positive mindset. Never mind those who have kept a positive mindset and weren't as lucky. There's only so far positive thinking can get you. It can't do all these miraculous things this book is claiming (thus far 30 pages in). For example, there's no way an ex felon can become president. But this book would have you think otherwise. It's completely delusional. I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt to see if there's a least something insightful. Maybe even some nice works I can look up that i can add to my vocabulary. But as of now I feel this read will be a big waste of my time.

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