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Learn how to protect your Mac and yourself in an online world. The Practical Guide to Mac Security teaches you how to stay safe online. Learn how to create and use strong passwords to prevent your accounts from being hacked. Find out if you need antivirus software and how you can protect your Mac against malware. Read about scams and cons that try to trick you into granting access to your Mac or installing malware. Learn how to back up your Mac and protect your files and data from disasters.

This book is a guide for the practical Mac user. This is for those who want to buy things online, share over social media and travel with their Mac while maintaining a decent level of security. I’ll show you common sense techniques for staying safe online. The idea is not to build a wall around you, but to learn how to look out for problems and avoid common security pitfalls.

I’m going to give you honest advice. You’ll learn my personal approach to protecting myself, and I’ll share what I recommend to friends and family. Even if you don’t follow every piece of advice I give you, I hope that this book makes your computing life a little more secure and safe.

This is the second edition, for macOS Sierra and beyond.

Computers & Internet
January 8
CleverMedia, Inc.
CleverMedia, Inc.

Customer Reviews

heather17015 ,

Good start for beginners

Easy to read basic with explanations for anyone new to Macs. Sent it to my sister because she finally switched from PC to Mac but she clicks on everything.

cdg683 ,


Thank you so much for sharing! This book is easy to understand and full of important information. I learned a lot.

MacGeek1990 ,

good book great price.

Ive used macs for years since 1990 or so. a long time. the book says that firewalls on the mac really are not very useful. I was shocked to learn that. never heard that before. great book very helpful.

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