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What is dowsing and how can you unleash this natural intuitive ability to improve your life?

Dowsing is an intuitive skill that gives you answers to questions your brain cannot answer, and anyone can learn to do it. "The Practical Pendulum Series" is a compilation of four books Maggie and Nigel Percy of Discovering Dowsing and Sixth Sense Books wrote as standalone ebooks that answer the most common questions new dowsers ask:

•What is dowsing and how can I do it?
•I don’t trust my answers. How can I become accurate?
•Do I need protection when dowsing, and why do I get wrong answers?
•How can I use dowsing to improve my health?

If you’ve ever asked these questions, "The Practical Pendulum Series" will give you clear answers and actionable tips and techniques to aid your dowsing progress. While "The Practical Pendulum Series, Volumes 1-4" is not a comprehensive course in dowsing, it answers all of the above questions in depth, covering not only beginner level instruction, but some intermediate and advanced content to show you the potential dowsing has for changing your life.

"The Practical Pendulum Series" is an excellent starting point for newbies. And if you have been dowsing for a while, it will offer you ways to take your dowsing to a higher level of accuracy and effectiveness. (This book is not aimed at veteran dowsers. For them, we recommend our other books on dowsing.)

"The Practical Pendulum Series" is down-to-earth. It avoids the woo-woo misconceptions prevalent in dowsing today that mislead, confuse and confound. Faulty information won’t help you master dowsing.

For example:
1) The pendulum is not giving you answers. The pendulum is a tool, not a magic wand, and you don’t even need a tool to dowse. The pendulum merely amplifies your body’s response to your question.
2) Answers are not coming from an advanced being, angel, guide or God. Dowsing is a looking inward for answers. It is empowering, not channeling and not a religion.
3) You don’t need any special cleansing or programming ritual to use a dowsing tool. In fact, a tool is not needed and is a crutch that an advanced dowser will move beyond. Scientific studies show brain waves for deviceless dowsing are superior to dowsing with a tool.

Dowsing is a natural human ability, not a religion or mystical practice. Anyone can learn dowsing. By showing you how simple and useful dowsing is, "The Practical Pendulum Series" will galvanize your interest and motivate you to learn proper dowsing technique. You will find that dowsing is a gateway to a fulfilling and more complete way of life that is available to all.

Buy “The Practical Pendulum Series” now, discover how to dowse accurately and use your natural intuitive abilities to enhance your life in ways you never imagined.

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November 25
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