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The Associated Press and Green Light Learning Tools have collaborated to create The Presidency (Post-election)—a comprehensive multimedia overview of the U.S. Presidency that connects readers of all ages to history. In this updated second edition, readers can explore the rich history of the U.S. Presidency with the swipe of a finger. This engaging ebook features quality content that is enriched with AP’s compelling video footage and award-winning photography, as well as interactive timelines, quizzes, and slideshows to provide in-depth coverage of the history of the executive branch, the presidents, and the election process. Aimed primarily at students in grades 4–12, this ebook also serves as a valuable resource for anyone interested in the presidency. 

January 31
Green Light Learning Tools
Green Light Learning Tools Inc.
Grades 4-12

Customer Reviews

E. Levison ,

The Presidency iBook

Since this election campaign started, I have been looking for informative and interactive materials to help my students understand the 2016 election and the results. The Presidency iBook allowed my students to comprehend the basics of the executive branch and the Electoral College. It also supplied the students with live videos of Clinton and Trump debates and comparisons to other elections. Instead of difficult articles, the students are given clear and concise language paired with interactive tools to break down these recent events and the democratic process in the United States. This product is easy to implement in a classroom with all types of learners. I could not have asked for a better tool to help my students enjoy learning about the executive branch and the current election. E. Levison Middle School Social Studies Teacher

Patti Brock ,

The Presidency

The Presidency

Today is Election Day, and I have been checking out books about elections since August. This multimedia overview of the executive branch takes a complex subject about our election process and the duties of the president and separates it into into interesting and informative sections. Plus it breaks down confusing concepts like the Electoral College and the function of political parties into easily understood concepts.

This focus of this iBook is the pre-election road and it provides an in-depth coverage of the history of the executive branch, and the course of the 2016 election. It covers the debates, voter turnout, the issues, platforms and fundraising. Flipcards of important concepts are included in the glossary and I found this to be a great book for teachers like me to have on hand. Five stars!

P. Brock Middle school Social Studies teacher

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