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The moan heard round the world—that's what they're calling me. I'm the toughest Press Secretary there ever was and now a sex tape I didn't even know I had made is circling the internet. Everyday I face a room full of the Associate Press and they ask me to name the man in the video but I won't. That's not how I play. But will he rescue me from a political nightmare when I need him?

Sometimes a knight doesn't show up in shining armor, he's videotaped wearing nothing at all…

Fiction & Literature
July 15
Jennifer Rebecca
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Bourbon, Books, and Brenda ,

What A Thrilling Ride All The Way To End!

Overall Rating: 5 I know who the bad guys are Stars
Kindle Unlimited: No
Standalone: Yes/No this is about one couple but there is an underlying arc. R
Steam: 4 secret steamy tape flames
Triggers: No
I have been in pins and needles for Jules book since we met her in book one. Jules is snarky, independent, and headstrong! She owns her life and lives it just the way she wants too! No regrets, no shame! I just love Jules! As the Press Secretary, she stands her ground and owns that Press Room!

As begin the book, we are thrust into a meeting to discuss Jules. More importantly, the steamy tape that was just released featuring Jules. Jules is about to have a really bad day. Everyone wants to know who the man in the tape is...but she is not telling!

Captain Ryan Black was a force to be reckoned with in book 2, and in book 3 we rewind a little to see things happening from his and Jules side. He is still a force to be reckoned with, but he is also a bit of an jerk! Ooooohhh I love me a a jerk! He and Jules have been carrying on, it seems he sneaks into her room at night, they have a good time and he leaves.

I have to admit for the first bit of the book, I was on the fence about Jules and Ryan. But as the book progressed, Ryan really stepped up and won my heart over. He became the hero I knew he was! But just because Jules has a hero on her side, does not mean there is not going to be trouble. They both have misunderstandings, and there is still a lot of bad guys out there trying to destroy the President. This book is filled with trouble!

I am not going to give any spoilers. However, this book as it all! It has suspense, surprises, heat, and humor. This will have you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out who is good and who is bad. You will not know who to trust, and you will be kept guessing all the way to the end when everything comes out! You will be asking yourself...WTH is happening?

This book was a great ending to a fun and interesting series! I enjoyed all the couples, and after each book I swore that couple was my fave. Well, once again, I swear Jules and Ryan are my faves! And the Epilogue....made me so happy!!!

This series was fun, intriguing, humorous, snarky, suspenseful and kept me reading and I am sorry to say goodbye to these characters, but knowing Ms. Rebecca, I am sure I will get to see them again in one of her other books. I most definitely recommend this book/series!

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