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Book One - The Legacy Series -
The year is 1878, and the setting is Paris, France. It’s a place of privilege and comfort for the rich, but one of heartache and struggle for the poor. Upon the death of her father, a young girl named Suzette Rousseau, is thrown from the comforts of middle-class life into the terror of homelessness on the streets of Paris. Without family or friends, she struggles to survive in a city whose rich believes she’s nothing more than the scum of the earth that should be eradicated from society.

Her journey takes her from the charity houses of St. Vincent de Paul, to the grueling life of a laundress, where she lives in squalor and filth. When her plight becomes unbearable, she is drawn like a fly into the enticing web of a sly spider, who offers her a life of luxury, comfort, and food -- but it will cost her a price.

The mistress of the most famous brothel in all of France vies for Suzette’s virtue. Blackmailed into a life of prostitution, her virginity is sold to a handsome English Lord. His jaded character is put to the test, when he meets his purchase and begins to fall in love with her innocence.

The Price of Innocence sets the stage for a life-long romance between a man and woman separated by class and circumstances. It's the first book in a series of three, entitled The Legacy Series. The newly released book two, The Price of Deception, is available now for those who care to discover the outcome of Suzette's decision and Robert's search for love.

January 15
Vicki Hopkins
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Customer Reviews

dded213 ,

Very good

I loved this book although Susette was so gullible and I didn’t see any growth after going through so much. Robert was just selfish and thought of no one but himself even when he marries condemning both himself and wife to an unhappy ynion

Mimiannjac ,

Price of Innocence

Loved it & am now trying to purchase the rest of this series. can't wait to start book 2.

Reading Lawyer ,

Lacking and needs editing

If you want a story that is rushed, inconsistent, has no depth to its characters, and in need of immense editing- this is the story for you. The main characters seem to have only two conflicting traits each. One is an open kind-hearted helper who also is extremely tight lipped and selfish. The other is situationally happy and naive or scared and woefully pitying herself and her naïveté. While this story has grounds to become a decent read, it is greatly held back by attempts to sound clever with artful phrases that make up much of the book, yet do nothing for the imagery and are incorrect for the time period; is very narrow in the actions of the characters (hint if they are not one of the two main characters they will either be very mean or lukewarm in kindness to the main character); has disregard for concepts of time and distance; has multiple inconsistencies (ex: he “poured a glass of red wine” and 5 paragraphs later “pondered over his glass of Chardonnay” which is supposed to be the same cup mentioned before); and lacks growth in the characters. If you have a naive innocent heroine that’s described as well educated and a hard worker, you should not make her singularly scared, dim witted, and lamenting herself without showing her use determination and her education to better her life by working hard and searching for opportunity. Nor should you hint about how she is maturing and learning the ways of the real world and then reneg all notions of that entirely and repeat this cycle multiple times in a single book. Lastly, no girl blossoms into, what is described in the book one chapter later as, a mature young woman immediately after giving her virginity to a man to show her gratitude for buying her from a whorehouse the night before. As much as I hope the following books greatly improve in plot and writing, I am not optimistic and I will not be reading the rest of this series.

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