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The Princelings of the East is a trilogy relating the adventures of unlikely heroes Fred and George. Two innocents abroad, they solve problems caused by unintended consequences, commercial greed, and blind prejudice—and still find time to engage in troubled love affairs and nearly blow themselves up with their own inventions.

The opening of The Princelings and the Pirates, the second book in the series, finds Fred and George happily pursuing their interests and enjoying the hospitality of Castle Buckmore. When Prince Lupin of Buckmore announces his unhappiness with the wine, they set off to discover what has gone wrong at the winery. Captured by pirates, shipwrecked, and in danger for their very lives, the heroes are drawn into the Battle of Dimerie, where Fred meets his true love and George gets more than he bargained for.

Suitable for confident readers ages 10 and over, The Princelings and the Pirates is a fantasy adventure where guinea pigs rule the world. It combines a generous amount of swashbuckling with a dash of concern at society's ills spiced with the stirrings of a first love interest.

This second book in the series is available in print as part of the Princelings of the East Trilogy - see link for details.

Praise for Princelings and the Pirates:

“Princelings and the Pirates opens with a Princess being abducted by smelly pirates on a foggy night. Oh no! Then we switch to our heroes, Fred and George, enjoying a leisurely lifestyle at Castle Buckmore... they soon get embroiled with the pirates and this leads them into plenty of adventure. In this second story in the trilogy we meet plenty of old friends but also make new ones. I particularly like Haggis and Neeps. It's good to see Victor adding his unique comedy touch again. What a star he is!” AmazonUK reviewer

“Kira is one of the strongest female characters I've seen in young-adult fantasy fiction, and I'd recommend the book on the strength of her character alone... The action draws the reader in from the start, and the dialogue is intelligent and full of subtle humor. This book is suitable for children, teens, and adults, and I'm confident that all readers will thoroughly enjoy it.” Amazon.com reviewer

Young Adult
May 1
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