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I, Maximillian Rochartè, Prince of Bellèno, wait in a Chicago biker bar ready to do business – deceitful, dirty business.

The monarchy borrowed millions from shady oligarchs and the loans are coming due. I tracked down a billionaire who will happily fork over a fortune in exchange for marrying his daughter, Lady Cici, to Bellèno’s Crown Prince -- my brother Leo. The problem is Cici can’t travel back to Bellèno for a few weeks. The bigger problem? Time’s running out.

Now I’m ready to pay the down-on-her luck actress fistfuls of cash to impersonate Lady Cici for a few weeks -- when the fresh faced, pretty waitress with legs from here to eternity catches my eye.

Vivian’s a dead ringer for Cici, a sweetheart to her customers, and a gutsy girl -- pouring a pitcher of margaritas on a guy harassing her friend. My heart twists in my chest when her boss fires her and I do the princely thing -- I hire Vivian instead.

I train her how to be a ‘Lady.’ How to talk like a royal. Dress like a royal. We laugh. We kiss. There's more. I can't.

Vivian travels to Bellèno, pretends to be Cici, and ‘attends’ to my brother. But every time I see her with him I lose my mind.

Now weeks have passed, Cici hasn't shown up, and I know in the depths of my deceitful heart that I'm falling in love with Vivian. Unfortunately, my brother is too...


"Deceit, suspense, jealously, heartbreak, Love, angst—it was like reading a contemporary version of The Crown. I could not put this book down." April Symes

"I absolutely love Vivian and Max." Amy Stephens

"...story is most certainly ramped up... thanks to the introduction of the very dirty mind of a very hot ginger prince." Rae Sonethyn

"...heart all mushing, sexy and delightfully entertaining romantic comedy." A. Reviewer

The Prince’s Playbook © 2018 is the re-imagined, sexier version of Part-time Princess © 2014. Additional content has been added to the original story.

Grab. This. Hot. Royal romance!

January 31
Pamela DuMond Books
Pamela DuMond

Customer Reviews

Crazy not lazy ,

The Princes Playbook

It was ok. It wasn’t a complete waste of my time. It had a few good points, but I didn’t like the ending and a lot of areas were left hanging!

Izzysean ,


Too many ADS!
I wanted to read a book not watch a Commercial!

straighttalker198 ,


Not a slam dunk, very disappointed in this.

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