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Refusing to believe the rumors that the European prince she was forced to marry had died in a far-off land, the princess, Sierra, sets sail to America, bent on revenge and determined to learn the truth. Because she will require a scout to guide her through the wilderness, she calls in a favor from the man who had betrayed her long ago, the man she had once loved deeply and had hoped to wed, the noble Cheyenne scout, High Wolf.

Many years before, a European prince had invited High Wolf to travel an ocean and as a brother, to live as a member of the royal family.  There High Wolf had fallen in love with the princess, Sierra.  But instead of an engagement and the planned wedding, the princess had treacherously married his friend, the prince.  Betrayed and broken-hearted, High Wolf sailed back to America, determined to forget the princess.  But a promise given to her years earlier brings her back into his life, igniting a desire he must resist, for to surrender to her again is unthinkable.

Forced into one another’s company, with the threat of life or death around every corner, overcoming their prejudice might be their only means of survival.  But can either of them trust in a love, once betrayed?  Or will their past force them apart again, this time forever?...

This book has been previously published.

Warning:  A sensuous romance that might fan the flames of desire.  Be warned.  You might fall in love all over again.

May 1
PK&J Publishing
Karen Kay Bailey

Customer Reviews

RomanceNovelGiveaways ,

WOW, this book.

WOW, this book.

Though loosely based on historical events (per a note at the beginning of the book), the story was incredibly unique. Having read A LOT of Native romances, this was extremely refreshing to read this spin on the trope.

I REALLY liked High Wolf. He wasn't shy about saying the perfect things at the perfect times when it came to Sierra. She knew exactly how he felt about her, even when he tried to hate her.

It's clear that Karen did her research for this book, which is always appreciated in historiccals.

But my FAVOTIRE thing about this book was the one part towards the end that literally brought tears to my eyes. Being as jaded as I am, that it not an easy thing to do with a book, but this one certainly did and I have a feeling I'll be forever hooked ok Karen Kay books!

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