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A dragon's desire will burn for a thousand years...

Timid Diana Winters doesn't get much excitement, until she goes for a hike in the woods and is attacked by the trees.

Like out of a fairytale nightmare they uproot themselves and go on the offensive, and she is chased through the forest before tumbling down a waterfall, only to wake up in the bed of the most gorgeous man she's ever seen, who claims to be a dragon lord, and her husband who killed her a thousand years ago on their wedding day!

Lord Azoth Dracamire vows to never have meant her any harm. Someone put a potion in his goblet on the day of their marriage, and he has paid for it every day since for a thousand years.

Although Diana struggles with the physical pull she feels towards him and Azoth's obvious lust for her, one thing is certain: someone sent those monsters after her in the forest, and they still want her dead. Now she must decide if her new and conflicting emotions towards her husband, a man she doesn't know, are worth risking her life.

March 17
Mandy Rosko
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Rusty417 ,

Enjoyable read

I liked this book because it had the mythical and fairytale elements. I wish it were longer. I was looking forward to another book from this author only to be disappointed. I do not want to read about a gay angel. Romance novels are women's form of porn. Gay angel doesn't quite fit the bill.

Helene Band ,

Nice Read

This was a sweet story. I recommend it especially for the price. This could use some more emotional development between the characters.

KritterCrusher ,

Did not flow

Needs more background or foundation work.

Good idea- but was not smooth.

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