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Betrayed by justice, what would you do?

Princess Najika of the White Kingdom is no pampered princess. Raised by a king descended from the legendary Knights, she is fierce, stubborn, and above all passionate. When her wedding night with her new husband, the Red Knight, leads to a terrible crime, a heavy hand in the guise of justice shatters her world. Banished to a place ruled by a man known to be mad and cruel, Naji must master the skills to survive before it's too late.

Naji's pluck and courage give her the chance to escape, but she soon realizes that she can't do it alone. With the help of a lowly farm girl and a man who almost no one in the Kingdoms dares to trust, can Naji pull off a miracle? Before it's all over, she'll have to decide between listening to her heart and taking vengeance on the queen who wants her dead.

This is the epic journey of survival of a tenacious princess walking a land of medieval myth. A land where monsters and magic are rare but all too real. A land where a princess on the run accidentally steals a knight's heart, and sets things in motion which can only lead to worlds colliding.

The author of the original short novella The Princess Who Wouldn't Die now brings you the complete full-length novel of Princess Naji's life-and-death journey.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 13
J. Kirsch
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Linda McGeary ,

A princess who defied kings

It started out fast and kept up the pace. I liked the fact that the author didn't repeat old ideas about trolls and other creatures. She used her imagination to good effect. If she has another book to come out with these characters I will read it.
I also am a writer and it takes a lot to break me away from writing to read these days, that is high praise for this story.

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