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Literature’s most famous romantic hero, Mr. Darcy, opens his diary to disclose a complex, passionate inner world.
The Private Diary of Mr. Darcy is a captivating novel of love, pride, passion, and, of course, prejudice. Off-stage events barely mentioned in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice are revealed, and many surprising new facts come to light, such as Mr. Darcy's proposal of marriage to another young woman. Mr. Darcy writes of his daily life as a society gentleman in Georgian London and of his dangerous friendship with Lord Byron, and he tells the full story of his sister's infatuation with the dastardly Wickham. Most importantly, he describes how he gradually falls in love with Elizabeth Bennet, and, in the process, painfully gains self-knowledge.

Fiction & Literature
June 15
W. W. Norton & Company
W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.

Customer Reviews

loveJaneAustin ,

Nicely done!

I have read all of Jane austin's novels and short stories. I typically do not like contemporary novels written as sequels to her work, because they lack the tone of the time period. I feel that mr. Darcy' diary did a very good job of maintaining believability in this regard. The writer appears to have done significant research on the time period and on Jane Austin. Because the story was told from the perspective of Mr. Darcy (as a diary) rather than Elizabeth, I did not feel a disconnect in writing style between the authors. Jane Austin does a wonderful job of developing characters so fully you feel as though you know them. I have yet to read a sequel to one of her novels where i feel the same way. In this novel however, it is not necessary, because the story teller is not the same person. With the short diary excerpts style in which the book was written, it was a little difficult to engage in the story at first. But once the reader gets use to this, the book is very hard to put down. A very interesting perspective on a classic!

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