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We all have problems or challenges … it's a sign of being alive! We also have the most amazing problem solving tool at our disposal - our mind. Yet it is mostly underutilised and not given due credit for its amazing problem solving capability! 

Why is that the case?

Quite simply, it's because we still need to learn how to control that thing inside our heads. We can control it, or it will control us. We can tap into its incredible capability, or we can we can react to the primal responses of an uncontrolled brain in a crazy, high paced, unnatural world. 

Is that what you want for yourself?  I don't believe so or you would not be here.

Neither you nor I are going to just sit back and cop what life dishes out! We know that to be true because you are reading this here today. And that's why you need to read this book on taking control of your brain's problem solving capability.

This is an incredibly easy to read guide to help you take control of that brain of yours. It breaks sound psychology down into simple concepts we can all understand and apply in practical ways and then wraps it all up into 10 strategies or principles that you can apply on a daily basis.

The book was written by Australian author George Lee Sye, renowned as a master problem solver. During his working career [which began in 1975] he has been consistently promoted and given opportunities because of his ability to resolve problems quickly and effectively. During his 11 years in in the field of counter terrorism, he was called upon to resolve problems in more than 400 operations. He has taken what's he knows about how the mind and body responds in the direst of circumstances, and blended that with what he's learnt about problem solving in business and day to day living.

In this book he discusses problems solving from the perspective of one's personal life. How you can consistently tackle and resolve life's inevitable challenges, how to use these challenges to enhance your career and your unconscious thinking patterns so you become the best you can and get from life everything you know you deserve.

Enjoy this high achiever's workout guide.

September 10
Soarent Publishing
George Lee Sye

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