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From New York Times bestselling author Wendy Lindstrom comes a heart-wrenching novel about impossible choices, second chances, and the courage it takes to love. 

A Heartbroken Widow Vows to Never Love Again—A Reclusive Millionaire Plans to Change Her Mind

Time has a way of healing broken hearts, but not for widow Nancy Grayson. She has never stopped loving her deceased husband Hal. For years, she has found contentment in tending her family—until a chance encounter with reclusive millionaire Dawson Crane pries open her lonely heart. Dawson reawakens her spirit and her need for love. She longs for his companionship, but each step that takes her closer to Dawson betrays her love for Hal. Is it possible to love two men at the same time? Can she let go of the love of her past and embrace the man who offers her a second chance at love?

“WOW! Second chance romance with so many emotions”Maria

“The Grayson series is one of the best I've read. Never a dull moment.”Sigmond

“A story of a mother's love and how as mothers, we often forget that we have needs. I found myself with tears in my eyes over Nancy's decision.”KP

*New Cover—same great book

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March 20
Rustic Studio Publishing
Rustic Studio Publishing

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AllRomanceReader ,

Wonderful mature love story

Another great read from Wendy Lindstrom. The Promise in Your Eyes shows us that you can love again. We fell in love with Nancy Grayson when we first met her in the Grayson Brothers series as the matriach of the Grayson family. She's a strong woman who finished raising her sons alone after the death of her husband, Hal. We fell in love with her in her love story with Hal. But after being alone for so many years, can she love again?

The story is filled with the rich descriptions of Fredonia that are a hallmark for Ms. Lindstrom's novels. We again see the generosity of the Grayson family - sons and their wives, as well as their children - as we ride along on the Sleigh of Hope. And we struggle along with Nancy as she fights her feelings for Dawson and chooses between her past and her future, her family and her own heart, and Fredonia and Crane Landing. Emotionally-gripping, I cried tears along with Nancy as her heart pulls her in several directions.

My heart aches for Dawson as he puts it on the line for a love that she might not can return. Dawson is a romantic and sweeps Nancy, as well as the reader, off her feet with the intensity of his feelings. He's not hesitant about telling Nancy how he feels and he's incredibly patient as Nancy's heart feels pulled in two directions at once. Nancy's struggle is relatable and shows the very real struggle many women face between their lives as a mother and as a woman. It gives the reader hope for love, even in the autumn of your life.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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