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I got in over my head.

I bit off more than I could chew.

And now my fate is sealed to the most ruthless man I know.

Two hundred and fifty guests. They think they know what’s happening today. But they don’t have a clue.

My wedding day. But it’s so much more than that.

Note: This is the first book in a duet, however, this is a FULL and complete story with NO cliffhangers because the second book is about a different couple. HEAs guaranteed on both books!

October 14
Burlesque Press
Blue Pencil Media

Customer Reviews

Rinsky13 ,


This was such a riveting story. I don’t want to give ANYTHING away, but let me start with I loved this! I loved how Livia decided that she was going to date and do things her way, and find her future, not let a man think he can wine and dine her a few days then get what he wants. She was going to dictate the terms and find the one who would eventually propose. And she would date a few different men at the same time until it happened. She had her roster, she had feelings (not so sure she counted on those for each one), and then she had her world turned upside down. Pasts, secrets & awakenings. Now is when I need to tell you to grab this book because I don’t want to give any deliciousness away!! I loved this!!!

Notworthit654321 ,

Don’t bother

No real story just sex scenes. Terrible writing sorry kitty...not for me. Any chance for refund?

NajahIman ,

Love the writing style!!

I love that this book has both the male and female perspective, because I love being able to read both point of views! Livia and Soren’s story started off with a traditional and fairytale like wedding including a reluctant bride and a sinister groom. Soren is the type of man that feeds off the terror in Livia’s eyes, and lives to make her both uncomfortable and on edge. Livia would love nothing more than to run away and never see Soren again, but she knows there is no place she can hide where he won’t find her. I was on a wild ride through their past, present and future with no end to their craziness. There is most definitely evil-romance with a good amount of blackmail and lots of domination. Compared to some of Kitty Thomas’ other books, this one leans toward the lighter side, though it’s still plenty dark (dark-gray). Five stars all the way!! Excellently written and will have you hooked from the first page until the last. I wish more books were written like this, although my family would hardly be able to tear me away from my Kindle, if all authors were as talented as Kitty Thomas is.

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