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Popular writer Lucia Jordan is proud to release the COMPLETE SERIES of her BESTSELLING book 'The Proposition' 

This Collection contains the 4 stories:

Book 1: The Proposition

Megan is amazed when her fabulously rich and handsome boss decides to give her a very no-strings, very sexual proposition. She already found him highly desirable and he’d certainly assured her that no matter her answer, he’d respect it. So what was it going to be?

Book 2: Illicit Proposition

Megan has indulged in some pretty wild fantasies involving her rich handsome boss, Heath Mayer. But she soon finds out that reality is even more of a tantalizing thrill…

They meet again and he makes her a proposition that is both tempting and full of dangerous promise. But before she is to succumb, she is given a taste of what is expected of her if she is to share his bed. 

The scene unfolds and more than ever she understands how careful you must be of what you wish for…

Book 3: No-Strings Proposition

Heath Mayer proved to want Megan more under his control than ever. 

Now that she’d agreed to make that weekend trip with him, Megan discovered how dark and challenging his desires truly were. Hungry for the chance to explore this new, exciting experience with him, Megan decides to keep her mind – and body, open to his demands. It was just for three nights, after all. No promises, no strings…just enough hot, pounding passion to leave her going up in flames… 

Book 4: Eternal Proposition

Megan Kerry had some really hard choices – literally. Spending three hot nights with her sexy boss Heath Mayer had her falling deeper into his dark web. 

He demanded for nothing less than the entirety of what she had to give – herself. But would it be just for that no-strings weekend, or was it possible he would want more? Megan had to decide which role she wanted to continue to play in his life. His toy, or the woman with a chance of having his heart…

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August 26
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Customer Reviews

Vicmensa ,

The proposition complete series, Apple Store

I waiting for the excitement to start because I knew they weren't going to get along the whole time but when it did come it was a good story.

Dr.hoodi ,

Proposition series in iBooks

Awesome description of a dom-sub lifestyle! I really enjoyed the rough sex scenes, simple story of boss-subordinate relationship, and finally a description about two people in love. Great series, short and sweet!

Mom3kid$ ,

The proposition series -- loved it

Great start to the story.. I hope in end its a happy ending .. Can't wait to read the rest.. Another awesome book by Lucia Jordan..

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