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SETI radio astronomer Dr. Stephen Browning wakes disoriented and confused in a dingy gas station bathroom. He stumbles home trying to put the pieces of his night back together, only to discover that there are new tenants living inside his apartment when he arrives. This leads him to a shocking realization – over a month has passed since his last recollection. Oddly, these new tenants provide him with one clue, a letter - written in his own handwriting - instructing him what to do next:

Shave your head.

Eager to uncover the reason for his memory lapse, Browning complies and finds a string of coordinates tattooed onto the side of his head, which inevitably lead him to the discovery of a cryptic signal from far outside our solar system.

Enlisting the help of a wealthy Silicon Valley engineer and a brilliant NASA robotics programmer, Dr. Browning begins a journey to decipher the meaning of the transmission, only to find he has become an unwitting pawn in a much bigger game.

It soon becomes apparent that the transmission is not only a message from the farthest reaches of the galaxy, but a warning from the future. Unless Browning and his team can protect the information from falling into the wrong hands, its message – and its warning – will be lost forever.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 1
The Starset Society
The Starset Society, LLC

Customer Reviews

Tokyo Sin ,


Loved every chapter of it, had me in suspense in most scenes and cheered on most parts of in my opinion funny irony and some parts were just plain classically hilarious with A.W., the ending was a jaw dropper to me as to what happened to B. I hope to see a sequel and will guarantee you that I'll purchase it in support and love for the Starset Society.

Terri W ,

with purpose

I had no doubt this book would be fantastic and it is! A great accompaniment to Starset and a very intriguing story that left me very thankful a second book could follow. It's a great scifi story but there's a lot of content that sheds light on some serious social economical issues within our government and society today and how it may impact our future. We also got a little flirt/crush element as well and that balanced out the story perfectly. I felt like the few pages that had this steamy element gave us a personal glimpse at the author we wouldn't get otherwise. A great book that anyone can enjoy reading. I look forward to future transmissions.

Colibu45 ,

Great substance

I would've given it five stars if not for the syntax errors. The material and story were fabulous!