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Book One in the heart-pounding Pulse Trilogy—a gripping erotic romance set in post-apocalyptic New York City one year after an electromagnetic pulse destroys America’s power grid. "Intense, exciting, and sizzlingly sexy—a perfect post-apocalyptic romance!" (Heather Thurmeier, bestselling author of Escape to My Arms and Stuck on You)

Emily Rosen lives in a military camp at Grand Central Station, where women sell their bodies to soldiers for extra rations. When she discovers a dark secret—that America is rebuilding outside of New York City, and everything the city’s refugees have been told is a lie—she escapes, the soldiers hot on her heels…

But Christopher Mason, a convict who broke out of prison after the Pulse, finds Emily first. Although he’s survived this long on the streets by looking out only for himself, Emily is beautiful, alluring, and impossible to leave behind.

Now Emily must convince this intimidating, magnetic stranger to be her guide as they journey out of New York and into the unknown. She’ll barter with her body, but sex with Mason can never be currency—it’s pure passion, and everything she desires. Despite the crumbling world around them, can Emily and Mason discover true love blooming in the darkest of places?

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November 25
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Jade Onyx ,

Quick and Gripping Read! Looking forward to the next book!

The Pulse is set in a post-apocalyptic America in New York, after an electromagnetic pulse throws the remaining survivors into the Dark Ages. The heroine is a nurse who is captured to join the ranks of an army-operated and enforced harem to service soldiers. Her escape to freedom is fraught with twists and turns, calling into question themes of trust, love, and friendship.

The story is made of a well-developed and believable cast of main and supporting characters. The plot thickened and fleshed out nicely, interspersed with hot and steamy scenes that fans of erotica will enjoy. Fast-paced, fresh and concise, the structure and use of language moved the story along quite well. I wanted to know what would happen next.

Furthermore, the author employed clear and strategic point-of-view shifts between characters. No scene was wasted. No fluff existed. The story also had a nice balance of dialogue, action, and internal thought and emotional processes of the characters. Each setting is memorable and furthers the plot. Dilemmas were plausible and real as the characters struggle with choices and their resulting actions demonstrate integrity or lack thereof. I aspire to write with such execution and precision.

Although definitely not my genre (futuristic, dystopian) of choice, this quick and gripping read whet my appetite for more and I am looking forward to the next book in this trilogy.

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