The Punishing Polly Collection

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Polly just wants to graduate from college, but nothing ever seems to go quite right. She means well, but somehow she's always getting into some sort of trouble with her landlord or her boss or her professors, and whenever that happens the only way out of her predicament is to let them do whatever they want to her.

Polly and Her Neighbor: While leaving for work Polly backs into her neighbor Josh's brand new Dodge Charger. She can't afford to be late for work again and she doesn't think anyone saw her, so she drives off believing she got away with it. But when Josh shows up that night with photos of the accident and threatens to turn her over to the police, Polly knows that she's in real trouble. What will she have to do to convince Josh to let her off the hook?

Polly and Her Boss: When Polly comes to work late yet again she's worried that her boss is going to yell at her. But this time Mr. Evans has had enough and when he threatens to let her go she knows that he means it. Polly is living paycheck to paycheck and if she gets fired she'll lose everything she has. Can she persuade her boss to keep her on the payroll?

Polly and Her Doctor: Polly hates going to the doctor, and her annual exam is always unpleasant. She hates it even more when she finds out that her insurance was canceled and she's on the hook for a pile of unpaid medical bills that she can't hope to pay. Things go from bad to worse when her handsome young doctor offers her a proposal that will get her off the hook. But it's either that or ruined credit and an army of bill collectors hounding her night and day. Will Polly play doctor to get out of paying her bills?

Polly and Her Preacher: After her encounters with her neighbor, her boss, and her doctor and nurse Polly can't stop thinking about sex. Day and night memories of her experiences consume her and leave her burning with unfulfilled urges until she thinks she might go crazy. It was bad enough doing the things she did to get out of trouble, but did she have to enjoy it, too? With no one to talk to and no one to go to for help, is she doomed to live like this forever? But then she remembers the one person who might be able to help her. Robert Prescott is the preacher at the church she attended, and he always seemed to be the kind of man who could handle any sort of problem. Can the preacher save Polly from her torment? And what type of penance will he demand for her sins?

22,200 words of erotica. Includes excerpts from the Kelli Wolfe stories Enticing Erin, Bred by My Dad's New Boss, Straight A Student, and Naughty Neighbors.

Fiction & Literature
September 1
Pink Parts Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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