The Purest of the Breed

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** THE PUREST OF THE BREED is a finalist for the USA Best Books Award for romance**

“I’m so happy to have found this series, which is now on my top list of best paranormal books. If you love the Black Dagger Brotherhood, then this is another series you won’t want to miss!”
~ Fan review

A typical night turns into one of terror when Marissa Bonaventure is savagely kidnapped from her bed. Dragged into what looks like a white slavery exchange, she is helpless to escape…until a smoldering, dark-clad stranger comes from out of nowhere to save her. Marissa is brought to the safety of a quirky underground town, where she’s offered a hefty sum of money to work for a year. Saddled with a lifetime of responsibilities, she is all about earning big bucks to fulfill her dreams. The bonus—she can date the smoldering Dev Nichita. But as a string of surreal events unfolds, nothing about the community—or Dev—turns out to be what it seems.

Stubborn and arrogant, leader of the elite, Special Operations Topside Team Dev Nichita is used to getting his way. When Marissa rejects him for being a vampire, he reacts with fury and withdrawal. Then an unexpected death forces Dev to face how much he truly wants the mate of his heart. But is he too late? Or can his tenuous relationship with Marissa rise above lies, anger, an otherworldly enemy’s threats, and the vicious backlash from a century-old betrayal?

Content guidelines: contains profanity, violence, and adult situations. Not intended for gentle readers.

June 27
B. Reed Publishing
Tracy Tappan

Customer Reviews

Bunilove ,

Another home run!

Excellent all around. Passion, pain, intensity, creative, scary, humorous, feisty, and just plain awesome!

Gmaypes ,

Great writing, great series

This is the second book of the "community" series. I really love this world that Tappen built.
Each story includes two main love stories and lots of community interaction.
It helps to read them in order,but she writes all of them with enough back story to make sure you don't miss important info.
All three are awesome in their own way. Read all three. They are funny, smart, mysterious and action packed.
The heroines are spunky and the heroes...well heroic.

Lola SuicideStar ,

Must read is you love PNR with Vampires

Rating: 4.5 stars

All Marissa Bonaventure ever wanted was to be a great chef and own her own restaurant in San Diego, California. But her life is changed when demons capture her and two other human women to give to some fey. Dev and his fellow vampires save them and bring them down to Tarana. All three women are Dragon humans, able to mate with the vampires and get pregnant, something the Varcolacs need to keep their race from extinction. Trouble is, those demons still want the women and to destroy the vampires too.

You can read this second book in the Community Book series without reading the first one. The flashbacks to 1877 Romania and Dev’s mother, Pettrila, was super and made me see a different woman than the one in modern time who seem to hate both of her children, Dev and T. There are white as snow people (human or vampire) in this book. Everyone has issues and that makes them more sympathetic, or more real.

The sex is hot, it sometimes borders on what people might term as BSDM, rough and hard, so be forewarned for those not into that. The vamps here are not the Twilight kind—thank goodness. They can’t go into the daylight and no, they don’t sparkle, they die. And yet, they are not undead, but living beings, just long living. From beginning to end, you will be drawn into the underground world of Tarana and the lives of the Varcolacs, Dragon hybrids and Dragon humans. If you enjoy paranormal romance with vampires, this book is a must read for your library.
reviewer: Pamela Kinney (on the reviewe site I Smell Sheep)

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