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The Quality Playbook and the companion Workbook (which you can purchase separately on the publisher's website www.SecondRiverHealthcare.com) are about creating great clinical outcomes and safer care for patients, families, and communities; creating healthcare organizations that rank at the top of the nation’s rating lists; and doing what most organizations have been unable to do: deliver top quality at an affordable cost—true healthcare value. If one is embarking on a new quality program or wanting to improve one’s quality program, this Playbook will help in both situations.

The Playbook has been divided into five parts that will guide the reader through the construction of a solid, effective, quality and safety program. 

In part one, “Winning the Playoffs,” one will discover what’s possible when putting an effective program in place. The Playbook will review what it takes to become a 100 Top Hospital, how outcomes are now connected to an organization’s financial survival, and how quality can provide a competitive advantage and grow market share.

Part two, “Your Game Plan,” covers what to put in a quality plan, how to focus one’s efforts, and how to use techniques from finance colleagues to drive change and accountability.

In part three, “Your Winning Team,” the Playbook covers the nitty-gritty of the people side of the equation. Topics include everything from assembling a “kitchen cabinet” to building an effective physician infrastructure.

Next, in part four, the Playbook moves into “Your Tools, Tactics, and Plays.” It contains the most important tools and strategies to use in a quality and safety program, proven methods honed by the author in his twenty-plus years in quality. 

In part five, the Playbook wraps up with “The Front Office and Owners (The Board).” The Playbook reviews how to mobilize the board and the C-suite—two groups that can add a lot of momentum to a program. Support and active participation by these groups is a key element of success in almost every high-performing program.

The Quality Playbook and its companion Workbook are designed to be as user-friendly as possible and cover a lot of critical subjects; every chapter is loaded with practical advice.

The Quality Playbook will help you improve or build a quality program. One that dramatically improves care for patients!

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October 1
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