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Troubles abound for King Uther of Lyonesse, but one dilemma vexes the aging monarch more than the rest, more even than the threat posed by the barbarian armies who threaten his kingdom. Uther’s daughter and heir, the Princess Rosamund, remains without a husband to guide her hand and lead her armies when she is queen, a situation due in no small part to Rosamund’s haughty attitude and penchant for tantrums.

But when Rosamund spurns the advances of the most powerful of her father’s nobles, she soon finds her world turned upside down. The rejected duke turns to treachery to gain the crown, and it is only through the courage and wit of a humble archer by the name of Will Scott that Rosamund escapes the trap which claims her father’s life. Almost before the naïve young princess knows what is happening, she finds herself in a desperate struggle to save both her kingdom and her life from the duke and his barbarian allies.

Rosamund soon discovers that Will is more than ready to protect his queen—including from her own foolishness—even if that means baring her bottom and spanking her soundly. Despite her fury at such treatment, the princess is drawn to the firm-handed archer as she has never been drawn to any other man. But if the duke is defeated and Rosamund takes her rightful place on the throne, will there be a place for an archer at the side of a queen?

Publisher’s Note: The Queen and the Archer contains elements of both adventure and erotic romance, and it includes depictions of spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Fiction & Literature
August 25
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