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A job gone wrong. A blackmailed friend. A city in turmoil. An obsession leading down a sinister path.

No one is as they seem ....

While the villain Frank Pagliacci is defeated, all is not well in Bridges. Tensions rise between the Families, who accuse each other of spying while Red Dog attacks escalate. Aristocratic jewel merchant Anastasia Dame Louis, styling herself "The Queen of Diamonds," hires private eye Jacqueline Spadros to collect from her debtors so she can leave the city.

But Jacqui can't leave David Bryce's kidnapping and the murders of her teenage informants unpunished. Convinced the madman "Black Jack" Diamond was behind the crimes, she pursues ways to prove it. The scoundrel and his crew, however, seem to be one step ahead: the terrifying man in white is seen lurking outside David's home, forged letters appear across the city, and merchants in the Spadros quadrant report threats from a man who fits his description. Jack's sister Gardena Diamond then asks Jacqui for help: someone is attempting to blackmail her. It is then that Jacqui learns Rachel Diamond's curious secret - and the truth behind her terrible condition.

When witnesses who can identify the kidnappers begin dying and evidence emerges that Jacqui's mother is next on the list, Jacqui is forced to make a dreadful choice.

Someone will surely die. Will it be Jacqui, or her mother?

The Queen of Diamonds brings you the second exciting chapter in the Red Dog Conspiracy.

Here's what readers are saying:

"Definitely noir, definitely intriguing, The Queen of Diamonds offers a tangled, complicated society held together by money, greed, and underhanded dealings while on the surface it is all pretty dresses, balls, and rigid classism. Even a simple dinner party is full of minefields as you will soon discover if you join in a walk on the dark side of the Bridges." - Margaret McGaffey Fisk, Tales to Tide You Over

"... blackmail, murder plots and seemingly everyone with a secret! I was completely absorbed! Reading in one sitting, this fast paced novel kept me intrigued and at times shocked as I continued reading towards the end, and what a shock of an end!!!" - Diana Johnson

"A complicated and entertaining mystery" - Holly A. Lenz

"A thrilling story!" - Laura Furuta

"A stunning sequel!" - Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

Note: this is chapter 2 of a 13-part serial novel, the Red Dog Conspiracy. While it's not mandatory to have read chapter 1 (The Jacq of Spades), it's highly recommended that you do so before venturing forth.

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 1
Patricia Loofbourrow
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