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At the end of a long, winding avenue at the crest of a rather steep hill, sits an extraordinary, old house of immense proportions. This house has all the scary stuff of a house in a really good ghost story, like turrets and gothic iron work, old doors that creek and little windows that poke out of attic bedrooms. It is 'home' to the family DeAngeliuson, a vampire as blood thirsty and beguiling as any known throughout history, at least he was up until he 'settled' here, from his blood thirsty days, curtailing his lifestyle (as many a father does when he settles in to raise a family). His daughter, Jessica, loves books and clothes. She wears yellow, not black, and she likes school. "It's like you hate blood!" her father moans wishing her to be more celebrity evil than straight A student.

Just who is the Quill Pen Killer? I don't want to spoil it for you, dear readers, but when the lunch lady comes up missing vital fluids, something must be done to quell that quill! Jessica and her friend, Raven, attempt to help 'solve' some of the mysterious occurrences which Jessica assumes just might involve her 'dad'. But, when the two go in to do some research, they only get deeper involved in the case, and Jessica falls under an ancient vampire's first victim's spell. Alas, Jessica's sleuthing gets out of control when even the Head Master at Jessica's school notices some of the staff drained and zombied out. What can be done to quell the quill pen killer?

Fiction & Literature
August 22
Kara Skye Smith
Smashwords, Inc.

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