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In this the final prequel to the blockbuster series, the story features the Rapture three-quarters of the way through the book and then follows characters such as Irene and Raymie (and others) up to heaven, where they are able to see events in the Tribulation from heaven’s perspective. The story alternates between events on earth immediately after the Rapture (covering lots of things the authors wished they could have covered in the original volumes) and characters in heaven and how they view the chaotic events on earth.

Fiction & Literature
February 11
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Tyndale House Publishers

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Mr random265 ,

Discerning the evidence and the times

Some will consider the Left Behind series foolishness and others close to the truth. I'm in the 2nd category. For some reason the Lord has chosen this time and opened my heart and eyes me to understand his prophetic word and I am forever grateful to Him for this blessing. Perhaps He will touch your heart also and these books will start the process of opening your whole spirit to the truth. Research his word through the Holy scriptures and pray he also opens your heart to the truth. If you are earnest and truly seek Him through his Lamb you will find out we are at the very door of the final act in his plan for man and for you. May the Lord Jesus bless you with discernment and his truth. If you consider me, my brothers and sisters in Christ, and his prophetic word stupid, silly or the ravings of naive idiots please try to remember to turn to Him after you are left behind. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

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