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From the bestselling author of Stalin and The Last Tsar comes The Rasputin File, a remarkable biography of the mystical monk and bizarre philanderer whose role in the demise of the Romanovs and the start of the revolution can only now be fully known.

For almost a century, historians could only speculate about the role Grigory Rasputin played in the downfall of tsarist Russia. But in 1995 a lost file from the State Archives turned up, a file that contained the complete interrogations of Rasputin’s inner circle. With this extensive and explicit amplification of the historical record, Edvard Radzinsky has written a definitive biography, reconstructing in full the fascinating life of an improbable holy man who changed the course of Russian history.

Translated from the Russian by Judson Rosengrant.

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March 14
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Customer Reviews

David Hill ,

The Rasputin File

High marks, especially if you can carve off the time for reading all 3 books (Tsar, Rasputin, Stalin). Among the 3, Stalin comes off as the utterly fascinating psychopath, the Tsar as the regular guy born into a role he didn't want (but his wife, different story!), and Rasputin...well, he did rock star stuff, never said he was a plumber. Great weaving together of all 3 stories, I learned so much!

Angela.B ,

Great book!

This is a history book that reads like a novel. Unlike in many other books about Rasputin, you can see better what is myth and what is fact.Its amazing how this charismatic peasant was able to influence so many people, most importantly the tzar family,and, as a result, he influenced the flow of history itself. Great book!

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