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Her beauty was the spark . . . 

Her hair was black silk against her ivory skin; her gray eyes burned with opal fire. The love child of King Edward IV, Roseanna was pledged to her father's most prized warrior. He was dark, strong, and commanding, and in the bedchamber, where he forced her to honor her marriage vows, she learned to crave his intoxicating touch. And still she swore not to love him even as she surrendered to the dark rapture of . . . the raven

His passion was the fire . . . 

His shoulders were broad within the coat of mail that made him invulnerable to everything but Reseanna's innocence. Obsessed with taming the fiery beauty who inflamed his flesh, Ravenspur fell in love, knowing ruthless men plotted to topple the king he served and at the heart of the intrigue was she who would be either his death or his salvation . . .

June 1
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Customer Reviews

Twatsa ,


What a beautiful story. I had no idea of the ending and because it was unique it made this book that much better.

Jenna in NY ,

Raven And The Rose

I read this book for the first time when I was 14. It made me fall in love with reading,and Virgina Henleys writing. Who is truly a gifted writer. She has the perfect combination of action adventure and of course romance

nkbiggs ,

No heroine here...

I tried hard to like this book and ultimately I did appreciate most of the characters, the sub-plots and the over storyline. However, the leading lady is spoiled, manipulative and dishonorable. It took far to long for her character to mature and by then I didn't feel she was a redeemable. Regardless of her physical description as beautiful above all others, her lack of honor paints her blemished and unappreciable.

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