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The Real Antonette Come Forth series walks you through the life of Antonette Smith. This book series chronicles the life of a girl from age five to thirty-nine. She has suffered physical, mental, emotional, and drug abuse. She has cheated death and lived to tell her story. If you have been molested, if you have been raped, if you have been in an abusive relationship, if you have run for your life, if you have been rejected, if you have been abandoned, if you have been looked over, if you are a teen parent, if you are a confused teen, if you suffer from false identity, if you suffer from hurt and pain, and if you suffer from heartache and pain, it does not matter if you are a boy or a girl, man or woman—hurt is hurt, and shame is shame. This series has been written to shame the devil and glorify God. It tells all the hidden dark secrets to dethrone the devil of Antonette’s past and make Jesus Lord of all her past, present, and future. She’s free to be the real her, who God created her to be, and you are too. Jesus freed her from a life of lies, abuse, sex, and drugs, and he has the power to free you too.


“This book is about truth. When im reading, it takes me to where you are. I can just see it. People want truth, real stuff. Keep writing truth.” — Verdice McClendon ,Brookhaven Mississippi.

“I dont know if you realize this of not. But your book reach people on many levels. From all walks of life. You have something for everyone.” — Lacie Carpenter, McComb,Mississippi.

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February 12
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