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*Warning – Due to the Violent and Graphic Nature of some of the Deaths, including harrowing Murders and tragic Suicides, this book may not be suitable for all ages.*

What really happens when we die? Acclaimed Psychic Medium Collette Sinclaire spent 5 years interviewing spirits who have crossed over.

The Real Book of the Dead allows you to be with the dead as they relive their final moments of life through Murder, Suicide, Drug Overdoses, Auto Accidents and more. Their riveting accounts brings comfort even in the darkest hours that life does indeed go on after death.

Meet Joe’s Wife, a widower visited by her spirit guide who gives her the strength and comfort to fight Breast Cancer and begin a new life.

Meet Florence, caught in bed with another man, who was brutally raped and savagely beaten to death by her lover.

After reading their life and death stories, you may never be the same. The comfort, wisdom and the eternal answers to questions which we all seek are finally, stunningly revealed.

Religion & Spirituality
July 18
Risch Media Group, LLC
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Customer Reviews

J_Farris ,

Incredibly fascinating

This is an incredibly profound book that really makes you think about the wonders of life and death. The situations described are riveting, and Collette Sinclaire did a wonderful job putting them into words. There is no denying that we often wonder what life after death is like, or if there is any. This book provides the answer, in such a way that truly engages the reader. You feel close and connected to the spirits that Sinclaire herself painstakingly communicated with.

The emotions this book will bring out in you may be intense. I found it to both be heartbreaking and incredibly uplifting. The stories you encounter will teach you invaluable lessons about loving and letting go.

It is fascinating to know that psychic mediums like Collette Sinclaire are out there, communicating with the spirits. This book gives you special insight into this experience as Sinclaire shares her most captivating discoveries.

A must read!

AddyJoseph ,

A wonderful book

If, like me, you have wondered what really happen after we take our last breathe, then you will enjoy reading the Real Book of the Dead. Collette Sinclaire has written this book in hopes that it would answer our questions and give us more knowledge about the afterlife. Each chapter tells the story of real people who have shared their life and death experience with Sinclaire. This book don't only feed your curiousity, it also comforts those of us who have lost a loved one. Her words will give comfort to those who have experience pain and loss and may also help them to find closure. You don not have to believe in Pyschic abilities to enjoy this book, but if you can be open minded as you possibly can, you will enjoy this book.

jennybeans15 ,

Hopeful, Heartbreaking, and Overall Emotionally Moving

At one point in life, we all experience the death of a loved one. Some of us experience the loss of a grandparent when we are young. Some experience the loss of a sibling. And as we age, death becomes more frequent. It's impossible to not wonder, "what happens after we die" and is there life after death and does Heaven really exist?

Acclaimed Psychic Medium, Collette Sinclaire, offers readers a glimpse into the unknown through her interviews with spirits who have crossed over via her book, "The Real Book of the Dead."

Collette Sinclaire immediately engages her readers with the very first story told. Nathan, a little boy with a weak heart, is saddened to see his mommy so upset. Although he is sick, he doesn't want his mommy to be forever sad after he passes on. When he does reach the end of his life and enters the afterlife, he makes sure his mommy knows that he is OK.

This first story is extremely touching and is an absolute tear-jerker. I had a difficult time reading it without crying. I have two little boys, and although my children are healthy and full of life, I can only image how difficult it would be to see them sick and suffering. Not to mention, I would be a complete mess and they would know it.

Nathan's story shows that even after life has ended, we can be comforted in knowing there is proof of Heaven afterwards.
However, while the story of Nathan is very emotional and moving, "The Real Book of the Dead" is not merely sweetness and tears. Collette Sinclaire also relays stories of more violent and disturbing deaths, including murder and suicide. Death can also be frightening and unsettling. Yet all of the stories tell you what happened as their souls carried on to a life after death.