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What is the difference between a dad and a real dad? A big one! Dan Pearce, author of the world's most popular dad blog (Single Dad Laughing), discusses the path that real dads take, the personal strength every father has, and the poignant realities of fatherhood. Pearce shares his own story of unexpectedly becoming a single dad (for the second time), as well as his own list of "Real Dad Rules" which he wrote to make sure that while he was going through his toughest moments, single fatherhood never turned into bad fatherhood. The Real Dad Rules is full of simple, powerful, and effective parenting discussion that can be read cover to cover or pulled off the shelf for that occasional burst of motivation when it's needed most. From a real dad's healthy touch, to powerful labeling, to the way a man treats the women in his life, this book covers it in a way that makes sense. Every child deserves a real dad. And every dad has the power and ability to be one. It just takes dedication, hard work, the occasional bout of humility, practice, a lot of laughing, and time. It doesn't matter where a dad starts in his journey. It doesn't matter what kind of past he has had or what mistakes have been made along the way. It doesn't matter what he is struggling with most. What matters is that he starts. What matters is that he is working on it. What matters is that he gives it his all. The Real Dad Rules is a must read by every father, no matter how far along he is in his own parenting journey. With special bonus chapters dedicated to single dads and stepdads, every father will find extremely useful and logical tools that he can use all along the way. Being a dad should be exciting. It should be fun. It should keep you on your toes. And, it should be the most fulfilling of all life's accomplishments. Real dads do it all, and they have a blast while they do.

May 10
Single Dad Laughing, LLC
Single Dad Laughing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Skinz0515 ,

Learning to cry!?

Teaching your child to cry for unimportant reasons is a good way to teach him to be a cry baby.

There were a few parts of this book that were eye opening, and others I thought were terrible.

It's a good read for someone that doesn't have kids yet.

Not too impressed.

dhcofc ,

Read the first chapter and you are hooked!

I was blown away by the emotions I felt after reading this book. A must read for fathers!

eperezcisa ,

Great Book!

Can't wait to put these rules into action once our son is born in 5 weeks. Dan poured himself into this easy to read book. The rules should be common-sense to most people but his real-life examples made the book a great read. Will buy copies to share with other dad friends.

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