The Reality Bites Trilogy

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Doesn't everybody want their five seconds of fame?

Daniel North is the reluctant hero consumed by the fickle world of celebrity as he becomes an overnight star. He needs to play the game if he wants to defeat supervillain Felix Moldoon. The problem is, this villain sits behind the camera, and will stop at nothing to win.

Book One - Reality Bites

Daniel North, survivor of a gay pub bombing, wants to share his forgotten story with the world, but he'll have to settle for millions of viewers in the 18-35 demographic.

Complex Neighbours is the latest ratings smash from billionaire media tycoon, Felix Moldoon. Think Big Brother meets the Hunger Games! To win the one-million-pound prize, contestants must compete in challenges that range from legal waterboarding to inducing projectile vomiting, or a showbiz quiz when it's a low budget week.

Felix will do anything to ensure high viewing figures, even if that involves murder. As well as controlling the media, he also controls the edit. It is for him to determine who will be crowned the winner, and who will be "executed" from the show, with their lives destroyed forever.

Book Two - Reality Bites Back

Daniel North is forced back into the world of Reality TV when one of his former competitors is murdered. Now considered a "celebrity" Daniel must battle against an old adversary and face the music – literally!

Celebrity Tone Death sees a bunch of Z-listers take a final shot at glory, all under the guise of winning a one-million-pound donation to their chosen charity. For the winner, a chance to make it as a popstar. For the losers, a ban on singing, shattered dreams, and a one-way ticket back to oblivion.

Felix Moldoon is back to manipulate the public into voting for his choice of winner, with the help of his celebrity judges. A Scottish-American lesbian music mogul, a pop heartthrob with a not-so-secret drug problem, and a disco diva drag queen who hides a secret, which could lead to the ultimate celebrity downfall – getting cancelled!

Book Three - Reality Bites Back Again

Daniel North, now the most famous man in Britain, is navigating the fickle world of celebrity. It's a daily battle as he opens his DMs – is it another unsolicited nude, or a request for him to kill himself? There's no grey area with the Reality TV fandom, and he's reluctantly heading back into the Thunderdome, this time as a judge.

Social Media Superstar sees a group of influencers compete for a one-million-pound prize. There's a fitness fanatic, FX trader, political activist, porn star, drag queen, vegan, and some other filler to make up the numbers, battling it out for the title of Ultimate Influencer. For the losers, it's a one-way ticket to cancellation, and the loss of the only thing that's ever mattered to them – their blue tick!

Felix Moldoon, the billionaire media tycoon, quickly decides on who will win, and the "editing" process begins. Throwing a bunch of social media nobodies to the online trolls is just the warm up for Felix's ultimate goal – the cancellation of Daniel North. Felix will do anything to get what he wants, and someone will pay the ultimate price for standing in his way.

Can the cancel brigade convince the world that Daniel is a serial killer? With three men on offer, who will win Daniel's heart in the end? And will Daniel finally get the answers he's been searching for when he comes face-to-face with Felix in a final bloody confrontation?

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September 1
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