The Rebel The Rebel
Book 3 - Keepers of the Promise

The Rebel

Keepers of the Promise, Book Three

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Publisher Description

In the final Keepers of the Promise novel, a young Amish woman must make a difficult choice, just as her grandmother did years ago...

Central Pennsylvania, current day. Restless and adventurous, Amish Barbie Lapp has been stepping out among the Englisch. Minister Benuel Kauffman doesn’t approve of her choices, but he can’t deny the positive influence Barbie has on his wayward teenage sister. As Barbie is drawn to the kindness beneath Benuel’s gruff exterior, the mementos she finds in a dower chest given to her by her grandmother, Elizabeth, provide the insight she needs to decide whether to fully embrace the Amish way of life or leave it behind for forever.  

Lancaster County, 1960. As working farms for the Amish become more scarce, Elizabeth Lapp’s husband, Reuben, tries to persuade her that they would be better off moving north. But the prospect of leaving her close-knit community of family and friends frightens Elizabeth. Can she muster enough love and faith to leap into a new life? 

Two women from one family, separated by decades, both find that the ultimate adventure takes place in the heart.

Fiction & Literature
April 5
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Third and final book on Keeprs of the Promise series!

The Rebel by Marta Perry is the third book in Keepers of the Promise series. Barbie Lapp is twenty-four years old. She is still unmarried and has not yet been baptized into the Amish faith. Barbie has been feeling restless with her life and would like to experience a little adventure. A co-worker takes her to a bar where she encounters sixteen-year-old, Mary Kauffman. Mary is quite drunk and about to be taken advantage of when Barbie rescues her. Barbie is in Englisch clothes, but she has to take Mary home. Unfortunately for Barbie, Mary lives with the minister, Benuel Kauffman (older brother). Mary has been a little out of control since the passing of her mother. Her father and brother are having trouble understanding and helping her. Barbie seems to understand Mary, and the two of them start spending time together (though Benuel has his reservations). Barbie needs to decide where she wants to spend her life. Does she wish to be baptized and stay Amish? Or does Barbie wish to join her brother, James, in the Englisch world? Barbie finds help in a dower chest given to Barbie by her grandmother. It takes her back to 1960 with Elizabeth Lapp. A woman who also had to make a decision. What path will Barbie pick? Will Benuel Kauffman influence Barbie’s decision?

The Rebel is a good story with a great ending (to the book and series). You do not have to read the other books in the series in order to enjoy The Rebel (it would be helpful and you will want to read them). I give The Rebel 4 out of 5 stars. I liked the characters in the book and the beautiful setting. I liked how Barbie was guided in her decision. The Rebel shows how the past can help people in the present. The novel is predictable (you know how it will end), but it did not stop my enjoyment of the novel. The book has a good moral or life lesson. The Rebel is a sweet, heartwarming novel that can be enjoyed by readers from 14 to 94 (or, hopefully, much older). I will be reading more books by Marta Perry in the future.

I received a complimentary copy of The Rebel from NetGalley in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel.

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