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When Analise accepts a job as an assistant to a dominatrix she discovers that Mistress Kim runs a large and complex business catering to the whims of those in the BDSM community. At first she thinks she’s found a way to make a few quick bucks and then get back to her vanilla life. But Mistress Kim has other plans…

This is a 14,000 word novella intended for adult audiences. Part one of four. Originally published as one complete work.

Content warning: This story features graphic sex, BDSM themes, consensual slavery, lesbian sex, group sex, pregnant sex, female submissiveness, and other graphic depictions of adult sexuality. Strong language and adult only content.


“Yes, Analise. Tell me what you want.” Kim’s voice was commanding, dominant. Analise could easily obey this strong woman.
“I was wondering…I enjoyed working for you this past weekend. I was wonder if you needed help again anytime soon?”
“That depends. What are you willing to do?”
“To do?” Analise repeated with a swallow. It was one thing to try and get her sexual frustration by bedding Davis, it was another entirely to admit her desires to a woman who was for all intents and purposes her boss.
“Yes, what are you willing to do? I’m not in the need for a simple servant or maid any time soon. Maybe in a few weeks. But perhaps if you are willing to take a more active role at the country house…” Kim trailed off letting Analise’s imagination fill in the details.
“More active role? What would I have to do?” Analise asked with apprehension. Maybe this wasn’t the job for her.
“There would be nudity involved. But you’re pretty and have a nice body. And apparently you don’t mind showing off in front of others. There would be intimate contact with some of our guests. You wouldn’t have sex with them, of course, but you would be facilitating their activities.”
“What would I have to do…exactly?”

Fiction & Literature
December 31
Elliot Silvestri
Smashwords, Inc.

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