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Tomorrow isn’t promised…

I’ve seen death. I’ve watched my place in the world fall away. Every day, the life I’ve chosen with Tristan changes shape. It’s not the life I wanted for us, but it’s ours. I accept this, as unready as I sometimes feel to face the dark side of humanity he knows too well. 

Now the person who’s responsible for putting us on this path has slipped from our grasp. Our grand plans to free Tristan from the life of a mercenary are unraveling. Friends are looking more like foes, and the truth we’ve been searching for is uglier than we could have ever imagined. 

Every tomorrow brings a new fight I pray we can win. But what if tomorrow is something I’ve taken for granted all this time? What if we’ve met our match? What if tomorrow never comes?

September 10
Waterhouse Press
Meredith Wild LLC

Customer Reviews

Mom's Guilty Pleasure ,

Red Ledger 5

“I need you to believe it, because then I can live with myself. If you believe it, it’ll be real.”

I have been binge reading this series!!! I can’t get enough yet every time I finish a new book I know I’m closer to the end of the series. It’s bittersweet cracking open the next book.

“This is bad. I’ve finally gotten myself into a mess I can’t get out of. I know it…”

This book is filled with the unknown...every time something is revealed there are new pieces that are missing… this book has jealousy, fear, regret, revenge, betrayal, love, trust, hope, and passion.

“There’s something vacant in the way he looks at me and the way he speaks, like he’s reduced things down to very basic principles.”

Meredith does an amazing job with the details in this book. You feel like you are living and breathing these emotions. One minute I’m championing for someone ~ the next I’m hoping they don’t take another breathe. One minute I’m sure they are pure evil ~ the next I’m having empathy. This book takes your mind and emotions on quite a ride.

I’m certain this isn’t a vision. This is real life playing out. My worst nightmare unfolding in front of me.

PaulaAnn81 ,


This series. This series has made cry, it’s made me angry and hate characters, but this installment....we learn more about Tristan and Isobel. We get a glimpse of their past and we get to see how strong and resilient they both are. Meredith Wild has always written books that I can’t put down and I have to finish “just one more chapter” and that one more chapter turns into the whole book at 3 am, but The Red Ledger goes beyond that. I impatiently wait for the next installment then devour and reread to see what I might have missed. This series is a must read for anyone who likes to be kept guessing and suspense. If you done read anything else this year,you need to read this!

cloug5 ,


This is just pissing me off. My paid for pre ordered book will not download

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