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Born in Venice, Italy, Antonio Vivaldi was one of the most influential and highly regarded Baroque composers, although his fame blazed only briefly. He is most remembered for his concertos, particularly “The Four Seasons,” but his overall production was enormous, ranging from orchestral and vocal music for both secular and church settings, as well as opera scores and libretti. In addition, Vivaldi was a master violinist and spent much of his career as an instructor at a famous institution for girls, the Hospital of Mercy. He was educated as a priest, but poor health and probably a lack of interest in the calling encouraged him to follow another path in life. 

During his lifetime, the red-haired virtuoso and opera impresario was easily among the most famous musicians in Italy; this fame eventually extended throughout civilized Europe. His name was sufficient to open doors to the richest and most powerful people in the Western world. Before his death, however, his heyday had long passed. After an extended period of obscurity, the music of Vivaldi underwent a revival in the early 20th century.

This book is Vivaldi’s incredible story.

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July 22
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Customer Reviews

AVivaldifan ,

The red priest

So wonderful to find a book”though to short”about the life and times of one of the greatest composer of all time.I’m still hungry to read more about such a great Maestro.

South of Easton ,

Try proof reading

While interesting and to the point, it was hard to get past the spelling and grammar errors. At one point Vivaldi jumped forward in time to the 1830's. It got to a point where I started questioning whether any of it was credible.

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