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The Red Well-Read Reader - Book Ten is the tenth book of a ten-book series. Each of the first nine books has roughly 40 fun, rhyming, thought-provoking stories which teach children, young and not-so-young, how to read for meaning. Book Ten, having numerous phonics charts, is actually a fundamental aid for reading the first nine books.

The books are designed to be read by parent and child together, by the child alone with a read-out-loud application or, preferably, by alternating the two ways.

Systematically, using phonics intensely, the series covers the entire phonetic structure of the English language: to wit, Story 1, Nabbed, through Story 32, The Razzmatazz, cover the “short a” sound; Story 33, On the Quay, through Story 59, Praise the Lord, cover the “long a” sound, Story 60, The Bizarre Czar through Story 73, Marv and Harve cover the “r” sound, and so on through eighteen more classifications.

On one hand, because the stories are in large part slightly over the heads of virtually all beginning readers, not even the most mature and quick learners will ever get bored; while, on the other hand, because the level of difficulty remains constant throughout, just one phoneme per story, young and slow learners will never feel overwhelmed. Hence, being fully challenged, each student benefits according to his or her ability.

What is more, the stories should make children and parents alike laugh hardily or smile broadly, no matter how often they are read. The series offers parents, not hours or days, but actually years of quality time interacting with their forever maturing children, helping them to discover more of the stories’ nuances while discoursing on a wide array of provocative subject matter.

By and by, both slow and fast learners, will become astute readers, critical thinkers, deft speakers, and they will be well on their way to realize the full compass of their God-given abilities. Doubtless, they should become our leaders of tomorrow!

June 27
TD McGann
Smashwords, Inc.

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