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"The Refuge Collection" is a new series of inter-related tales by multiple authors, bringing to life the little town of Refuge - 'A town like no other, yet like so many'. Volume 1 contains 6 stories with 5 more volumes in planning, making a total of 36 tales from Refuge. Over 25 writers and artists from across the globe have come together on this project in support of charity. These 'short, shuddering stories' are intended to enthral, tease, torment and terrify. Ghostly and eerie tales of supernatural terror that can be enjoyed as "a way for fictional horror stories to help victims living real-life horror stories"*.

Beautifully illustrated and written by both emerging talent and some household names in the field of supernatural fiction, paranormal horror and dark fiction, they will be printed in book format in 2016. Plus, there will be a specially adapted story from multi-award winning horror writer Ramsey Campbell, who has recently earned the World Fantasy Association's "Life Achievement Award", among many other awards and accolades he has accumulated over the years.
There are many short stories and anthologies, but what makes "The Refuge Collection" special is that although all the stories can be enjoyed as stand-alone tales, together they build up into a much bigger picture. Each writer and each tale introduces new characters, locations or significant events that can influence the next writer's story, and so on. We hope you enjoy these, the first six tales from Refuge... a town like no other, yet like so many!
*All author (and publisher) proceeds go to the Sanctuary Australia Foundation and other charities in support of refugees.

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 8
Steve Dillon
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