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The Relaters Manual: A Relationship Guide For Men is an ebook which offers men a foundational understanding of women. Without this basic knowledge, relationships with women will consistently be difficult.

The Relaters Manual was written by certified massage therapist (C.M.T.) and sensual bodyworker, Dyann Bridges. A woman in her middle years who loves men, but found that most men never seem to get women... even after decades of marriage.

There are good reasons why the genders are so different. It's part of the duality of life. Men and women are meant to support one another as Life always seeks balance.

The Relaters Manual doesn't waste time getting to the point. This is a gritty and intense look at relating to women. The author backs up her observations with science, stats and decades of experience dealing with men.

The Relaters Manual aims to be a sort of empathy handbook, and on that front... it succeeds. If men were to pause and take the advice offered in this book, it could well stop arguments, breakups and encourage fresh starts.

This isn't just a relationship manual, it's a technical thesis that doesn't get dry, stuffy or dull. Men have a lot to gain from it.

The author understands that men are not entirely to blame! Women don't always know what they want from men or how to articulate it.

The Relaters Manual is specifically aimed at a male audience. There is a lot of advice in it that men should find reassuring, calming and practical, as well as eye opening. This is not traditional dating or relationship advice.

Bridges highlights the areas of gender polarity, mutual respect and appreciating the essential nature of women as key themes throughout this ebook.

Dyann has been a C.M.T. (certified massage therapist) for 20 years and a writer for most of her Life. Over the last 7 years she's earned her living as a freelance writer and artist. She wishes you a very sensual day.

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August 11
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