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The Reluctant Gentlemen Trilogy Box Set includes three full-length historical regency romance novels and one bonus novel.

The Beleaguered Lord Bourne

The Earl of Bourne wanted no part of married life. After years of danger in foreign wars, he was eager to plunge into a campaign of Conquests among the long lists of London lovelies who would give their all to please a man as well-born well-financed, and well-favored as he. Miss Jane Maitland wanted to be wed even less than did the libertine lord. As proud as she was beautiful, she would never let any man enslave her — much less claim her body, and woe to any foolhardy enough to try. But now the wedding bells were tolling for them both — sounding the call to battle for this militant miss and martial lord in the perfect mismatch.

The Toplofty Lord Thorpe

Miss Lucy Gladwin knew all the faults of the eminent, elegant Julian Rutherford, Earl of Thorpe. Julian was not only unbearably arrogant, he was insufferably self-centered and infuriatingly egotistical, as pleased with himself as the most sought-after lord of all the realm could be. But Lucy knew very well that he was the handsomest man she had ever seen — and the only man she could possibly love. Clearly the earl had to be brought down a peg or two or three before Lucy could be in reach of capturing his heart. The earl didn’t know it, but he was about to become the target of the most unconventional campaign of conquest since the first woman decided all was fair in love and war, and Cupid notched the first arrow in his bow....

The Ruthless Lord Rule

Fashionable society buzzed with rumor when Miss Mary Lawrence made her appearance in its most exalted circles. Where had this startling young beauty come from, and what was her background and breeding? Why had the eminent Sir Henry Ruffton become her guardian, and what was his interest in her? One gentleman decided to solve this mystery and if anyone could, he was the one. Lord Tristan Rule was not only society's most handsome and dashing young blade, but his service as a spy against Napoleon had made him ruthless and hard as steel. But as Lord Rule was to learn, love could be far more difficult than war when your opponent was a young lady as bewildering as she was bewitching...

The Enterprising Lord Edward

With his marriage clock loudly ticking, Lord Edward Laurence’s wife quest had brought him to a most unsuspecting lady. The ever-capable Miss Emily Howland was certain the dashing Lord Edward had set his sights on none other than her uncommonly beautiful and woefully innocent cousin. Determined to protect her charge from the nefarious advances of Edward, Emily placed herself in the path of his conquest, damning her own reputation forever. Or so she thought. For Edward’s object of passion had always been Emily. Now he had to prove to his reluctant bride-to-be that hers was the only surrender he desired!

September 21
Kathryn Seidick
Kathryn Seidick

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