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Hetty Locklear lives in a nerd girl fantasy where she is the savior of a dying ancient galactic race. When she’s not role playing in the exotic game world she created, she dreams of being the new It Girl with suave clothes, hundreds of friends, hunks galore falling at her slippered feet, awesome parties, and a job to make every person in the cosmos drool.

Instead she’s stuck at the convenience store wearing stretchy clothes to fit over the paunch formed from a steady diet of donuts and coffee and with a social calendar as empty as deep space. In her whole life she’s only acquired two friends  — a cousin, who barely counts, and her best friend since grade school.

Hetty is banking on graduation from community college to transform her into a full-fledged woman. It doesn’t. It gets her an unflattering coffee stain down the front of her gown and an invitation from her parents to visit. Estranged since they went gallivanting off to fulfill their dream of working the Renaissance Faire circuit, Hetty isn’t eager to see them. However, this trip is the best chance she has to repair their broken relationship.

A steamy romance with her boss or the handsome stranger she met at the coffee shop would cure her doldrums, but she’s stuck with the annoying Sir Gnat and is stalked by a ghost. The invisible stranger leads her to a reality she finds hard to believe. It also leads to love and a better relationship with herself.

Annah H. "Wow. From the blurb this was not entirely what I was expecting but it was amazing all the same. Hetty is a wonderful character. I love that she's this overweight, self conscious homebody that dabbles heavily in gaming. She is so different from a lot of young adult story leads and I loved her. I think the title is perfect as well. I like that renaissance alludes to her parents but is really about Hetty becoming an adult and coming into her own. The sci-fi aspects were great. It wasn't too terribly out there so it was believable, especially because Hetty had such a horrendous time believing it herself, like a normal person would. Overall I thought this was a fantastic story."

Josh: "What a great read this was! It's not too often I come across a gem of a find like this. A lot of twists make this elixir of a tale intoxicating. Worth a re-read!!"

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 27
M. Pax
Draft2Digital, LLC

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