The Reparations of Bill Clinton

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Join Bill Clinton and Checkers, President Nixon's faithful dog, as Bill tries to escape Political Purgatory at the height of the Monica scandal. 

Together they navigate the seven rooms of Political Pitfalls to try and salvage Bill's tarnished Presidency. 


A humorous book, featuring over 300 colorful political personalities, within 169 colored pages. Being conservative has never been so Natty!

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November 15
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Customer Reviews

Rattatoutie ,

A Right Kick in the Teeth for Liberals

Jon Stewart once quipped, “70 percent of America gets there political news from talk shows. Psss,” he whispered to the crowd, “Don’t do that – we make things up!”

Indeed, as the world’s first and best democracy falls farther and father into fractured sets of ideologies, the truth has become far less than paramount in our public discourse. It loses out to confidence and oratory for politicians. It loses out to funny on TV and print, where the illumination and ridicule of the inconsistencies,
hypocrisies and buffoonery of the other side is far more entertaining than what’s really going in Washington.

The Reparations of Bill Clinton finds life in the spirit of such satire, but takes it a step further then this reviewer has seen previously, on either side of the ledger. The book not only points out the ridiculous, it challenging the reader to distinguish the real tragedy of liberal pretension from JC Shannon’s larger than life caricaturizations. Like all the best satire since Jonathan Swift, this book blurs the lines between the real world and the twisted, comedic mind of the author.

Accompanying us on our tour of the ridiculous is the supremely loveable Bill Clinton. Hate him or love him – you love him deep down, and by the end of this book you’ll find yourself adoring his clueless candor as he struggles to wriggle out of the biggest mess of his life.

Vibrant and insightful cartoons complement an endless supply of firework one-liners. You’ll find yourself laughing at the image before the joke comes – then promptly bowling over once you get it. Whether you’re a conservative tired of liberal propaganda sliding through the system without ridicule, or just a believer in the fact that funny is funny – you’ll enjoy strolling through the many rooms of the Teflon Hall of Fame.