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A young man with a terrible secret buried deep in his chest staggers through what remains of the American South. The destruction is total—the landscape scrubbed bare by the fires of the Reset. The sun rarely penetrates the daily ash storms, and the last of the Earth’s plants and animals are slowly dying out.

And yet, there are survivors. Benjamin Stone is one of them, and he’s searching for the only person who can share his pain, another who was biologically altered at birth to become a weapon capable of bringing the world to its knees. He has nothing, save the few supplies that sustain him in his search for a new life.

Nothing but a will to survive and the desire to find someplace safe—someplace better.

The Reset is a story of perseverance. It examines a future in which fragmentation and devolution have decimated society, and in which terrorism represents the final desperate attempt at shuffling the deck. With thematic elements similar to Stephen King’s The Stand and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, it’s a post-apocalyptic story about the survivors of humanity’s cruelest intentions, and their essential impulse to rebuild.

Fiction & Literature
March 3
Daniel Powell
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Customer Reviews

aDuffBrew ,

Fun Read!

I wouldn't say the plot logic is always bulletproof but the creativity of the story makes this a satisfying read not to be missed.

ninjajim ,

Great story

I almost didn't read this. I've read enough post-Apocalypse stories. I'm glad I did though. Well written, good pacing, and not too predictable. Kind of a cross between McCarthy's The Road and Stirling's Emberverse series.

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