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The most powerful love in existence faces the most sinister threat imaginable.

I am Rhiannon, and this is my story.

Century upon century, the love between my Roland and I has deepened into something as rare and powerful as immortality itself. We are leaders among our kind. And recently, we’ve taken in three orphans, mutants known as the Offspring, created by DPI for one purpose; to hunt and kill vampires. 

I never thought I would have the chance to be a mother, and I adore the three seven-year-olds. But DPI is desperate to get them back.

They captured Roland, nearly got us all, and naturally I turned over heaven and earth to get him back. And did. But he’s not the same. Something happened to him in DPI’s evil hands, and now it feels as if the threat to the children is coming from within my own home. 

I might be forced to choose between the innocent children I adore, and the man who is my very heart and soul. What is a Queen of Darkness to do?

October 31
Thunderfoot Publishing
Thunderfoot Publishing Inc.

Customer Reviews

Valerie LeAnn ,

Maggie proves once again that love conquers all!

I rang in the New Year with Maggie Shayne & Rhiannon!
Maggie Shayne is one of my all time favorite authors and I got my copy of The Rhiannon Chronicles the week it was released. Due to a busy school year, I couldn't dive into it's pages until winter break. I devoured the book in 2 sittings & actually finished minutes after the ball dropped! So Maggie began my 2016 & her book will be a hard one to top!!
Rhiannon and Roland's original story from Maggie's Wings In the Night series is one of my favorites & I didn't think that this book could possibly make me love them anymore. I was wrong! With every chapter I fell more and more in love with the this story. Maggie has never failed to provide me with a story full of love and passion, but this story - this story is different. It is not about finding your soulmate because they've already found one another 😍 Rhiannon and Roland are 2 halves of one whole - The Rhiannon Chronicles is about settling down and building a family that has a love so strong that it can conquering everything that life throws at you! This story was exactly what I needed & the perfect way to start the year!!
Buy this book!! You will not be disappointed!
Maggie, you never fail to amaze me! I love it! Thank you for sharing this story with me!!

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